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Please note that although some links will appear really quickly, it will take a few weeks for all of the links to appear. You may want to run the software a couple of times a week too, to get those links to really stick.

Some people have asked whether the software will upset Google because of links appearing too quickly. This is a myth which regularly appears on forums, if there were any truth in this rumour then it would be easy to get your competitors sites de-indexed, just by using the software and submitting their link. All you're doing is sending your links to statistical, whois sites etc. There is not a penalty for doing this, it's not like referral spamming.

Backlinker Pro submits your web site to 11232 domain, whois, and DNS statistic web sites and now also pings the submitted links with Pingomatic. These backlink sites have high visibility in the major search engines and your site will be swiftly spidered and indexed. You gain instant visibility to the search engine robots increasing your backlinks and increased traffic to your web site.
Look at the image above, I created this website, ran my software on it and within 3 hours it appeared in Google and within 48 hours is in position 1 and 2 right beneath the sponsored link, and that is out of 323000 sites using the term Backlinker Professional! Pretty cool huh?

Now take a look at the Alexa Rankings for Backlinker-Professional; As you can see the site has not even been live for a week yet and it's got a 7 day traffic rank of 465874 , that's pretty impressive for a new website I'm sure you'll agree!

Pretty impressive, don't you think considering this site has only been live for a week. Some people have reported an Alexa ranking of 100K in a short time.

Ok, now is when I really show you what this software can do! Head over to Google and type:

Backlinker professional or professional backlinker and check the results:

About 14,600,000 results and I'm in the #1 position after the sponsored ads...pretty impressive huh?

Now just type backlinker into google, no quotes and you'll see I'm in position #8 out of About 15,500,000 results...can you see the value of this software now?

A further look at Alexa's statistics for backlinker-professional reveals that even though PPC competition is high and the query is "backlinker professional" is very popular, I still maintain the #1 position on Google and receive good organic (free) traffic for my keyword phrase.

Not bad for a $10 piece of software eh?

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The software has been updated and now automatically pings each link after submission

Compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7

Watch Backlinker Pro in action below:

I have searched online for similar software and found one program that submits your link to only 80 sites which will cost you $74.95! and with my software you get 11232 sites to submit your link to.

Backlinker Pro has been updated to include pinging to Pingomatic, whilst this will increase your Website's visibility to the search engines, it now takes longer to submit each link.

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Backlinker Professional Has now been updated and you can now watch the links as they are being submitted, it also outputs a report in text file format so that you can check the links which have been created.

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